Feedling 0.7

News feeds on your desktop wallpaper


  • Easy and flexible configuration
  • Sits in system tray
  • Icono en el área de notificación


  • Las cajas no se adaptan a los cambios de resolución

Not bad

Is your desktop working for you? It may be a mess of icons, a pretty wallpaper or just empty space. Feedling will embed any RSS feed over your wallpaper, so you can fill it with interesting news instead of kittens!

Once installed, Feedling sits in your system tray doing nothing. Right click on the icon and you can configure the app. You can build up you feeds by copying them from your browser, and pasting them into Feedling.

Each feed can be configured separately. Font, color and hover cover can be chosen, and you can define how often Feedling will check for RSS updates. Feeds are automatically placed in the corner, and if you add many they will all be on top of each other. Another right click on the system tray icon can activate 'Move Mode', which will allow you to click and drag the feeds wherever you want on your desktop.

Feedling is an interesting addition to your desktop's real estate, but it's a little resource heavy at the moment. While it's neat, it isn't as easy to use a traditional RSS reader, whether you use a desktop client or a desktop app like Google Reader.

Feedling works fine as a way of covering your desktop with useful words, but you may find it eats your resources.



Feedling 0.7

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